Southwest Baseball League

Spring 23 Team Personnel Registration

Team Personnel / Coach Registration

Welcome to Coach / Team Personnel Registration

This is for registration of Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager or ANY person who will be on the field / bench area on game days.


FOR Tee Ball Plus TO 14U, ALL HEAD COACHES AND ASSISTANT COACHES or anyone who will be on field or in dugouts/benches (scorekeeper, team Mom, etc.) during games must be registered.

For Tee Ball Plus and Coach Pitch there is a maximum of 5 game day personnel allowed on field for games.

For 10U-14U there is a maximum of 4 on field game day personnel allowed on field for games.

Teams may register as many coaches as needed, but on field limits will be enforced.

All registered team personnel must have a current background screening on file.

  • Background Screen through SWBL's Vendor is valid for 2 years. If you have had BGS through our vendor in last 2 years you do not need to do again. If you are unsure of when you had a BGS through our vendor done, please e-mail to and we can check your status.
  • If you currently hold a valid and current background screen through El Paso Parks or County Sportspark, we will accept that, but you must email a picture of your credential to
  • If you are a current LEO we will accept that, but you must email a picture of your credentials to (please note we do not keep a copy of the credential and delete immediately, there is only one person who accesses the email) You may also choose to meet an SWBL Director at Lambka Park to show credentials instead of e-mailing it.